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I am so proud.

My baby girl finally knows how to unlock the iPhone by helself! In a year or two she might be able to unlock Nokia’s keyboard as well!


Leopard sucks part2

Oh, my external hard drive does not work with the time machine. WTF?!? So now I need to get myself a new hard drive. It is hard to be a mac user I tell you…

Leopard sucks!!

I fill like a Windows user again… Restart at least once a day, cruel shut downs (the one you need to press the power button for few seconds or take out the battery) and strange behaviors like seen in the attached movie.

hint: most of the third party programs are not ready for the new version.

in this movie you can see why you should not switch to Unity mode in VMWare and try to drag a window from one space to the other…


The best feature so far in Leopard is spaces (My external hard disk is at work so I did not see the time machine yet).


My iPhone is finally working with my wicked sim card. I wish I could call someone, but it is 2:20am…

iBrickr 0.9 without iTunes

Spent almost half a day trying to figure out a way to make iBrickr to notice my new iPhone. All I had was a message saying “Please wait while we contact your iPhone”. I tried on three different computers but with no luck.

No one told me I need iTunes…

Now I am in the middle of downgrading to 1.0.2 in order to unlock the goddamn machine. Since yesterday I think I did about 15,000 failed emergency calls just because it was the only thing working. I can’t wait. I know you are not interested but don’t worry, I will keep you updated anyways.

Format F?

Another great UI improvement in Vista…

Do you want to format